Thursday, 25 May 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 25-4-2017: Star Wars

You know, in the midst of all the news about Manchester?

In the midst of the blast, the shrapnel, the arrests … ?

It’s very easy to overlook the fact that the second actor to play James Bond — Sir Roger Moore — has died.

I don’t know about you, but I saw The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker at the cinema: and enjoyed Moore’s self deprecating, but very knowing take on the character.

And I’m very aware that most actors have taken their cue from Connery’s version, Pierce Brosnan, in particular, took his from Moore.

He’ll be missed.


Now … 

Just as a quick aside … ?

I’ve just seen a preview clip fro this week’s upcoming episode of Dr Who: The Pyramid at the End of the World.

And have a confession: I find the Monks’ mouth action when talking vague — very vaguely, I’ll confess — reminiscent of someone else.

But, here, there you go … !


Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 24-5-2017

Monday’s attack has just got … 

Nasty … 

Although you’re possibly wondering how.

So was I … 

Until, last night, when I saw in the news that Britain’s threat level — the official view of how likely a terrorist attack is — had been raised to Critical.

Meaning that — in key public locations — there’s going to be armed soldiers supporting police.

Armed troops.

On British streets.

I don’t know how to say this: but I really don’t like that idea.

Granted, it’s only happened three times this century.

Granted, it’s felt another attack is imminent: I’d hate to see what happens if someone attacks Glastonbury or Reading.

But … ?

I don’t know about you, but I can remember reading about British troops patrolling the streets of Northern Ireland: back in the 1970s.

And about Bloody Sunday.   The day was a major contributed to IRA propaganda, and — I feel — caused by having a lot of nervous squaddies on the streets of the UK, itself … 

Doing what their trained to do — shoot to kill — in completely the wrong situation.

If this mishandled badly?

We could be looking at a result that makes the Troubles look like a playground argument.


Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 23-5-2017

You know, I was going to tell you I’m back at work, today — I’m back at work, today — and tell you that I’d seen two more episodes of Mr Robot.

Great episode, by the way: the fact the main character uses the old cantenna trick to break into a wifi network, tickled me.

I was … 

But I’ve woken up, this morning … to find that, overnight, a bomb has gone off at the end of an Ariana Grande gig at the Manchester Arena, last night: killing twenty-two concert goers.

From what I read, it’s assumed to be a suicide bomber: that ISIS have claimed responsibility for.

Some of the dead are, I believe, Muslim.

Some are children. 

I’m … 


And rather surprised: here in the UK, we’ve been very lucky to have avoided the sort of attacks that have hit parts of France.

I’m also concerned: both for the safety of anyone missing, and for the safety of any of my Muslim co-workers.

As I’m sure some of my Irish friends will tell us, terrorist attacks generate a not just fear and terror … 

But a backlash* against those seen as ‘involved,’ somehow.


Right now … ?

Right now, I’m feeling … conflicted, to say the least.

I’m hoping a lot of things.

Chiefly?   That this has a minimal effect on the Election.

This sort of thing?

To the best of my knowledge, this sort of thing has never happened during an election.   I hope this has as little an effect on the General Election as possible.   But doubt it: someone will make political mincemeat of the thing.

I’m ALSO mildly angry.

The man that’s done this?   Has killed himself as part of the process.

The coward has taken his own life, and cannot be questioned about his motives, or face the law.

Yes, a coward.

I hope ISIS are listening.

The coward who ISIS claim has acted for them …

Has taken his own life rather than justify killing children.

There is never an excuse for killing kids.


Monday, 22 May 2017

Mr Robot — Series 2: Episodes 9 and 10 — eps2.7_init_5.fve and eps2.8_h1dden-pr0cess.axx

21st May, 2017.

Arrgh … !  I’m officially back to work, tomorrow … !

Arrgh … Arrghity ARGH ARGH … ARGH … 

Not that I mind.

After all, being able to pay my own rent, and buy my food … ?

Is both good, and confidence building.

But, with this week’s hours going back up to something approaching normal?

It means I’ll be spending a lot of time at work.

Which means … ?

Well, right now, these two episodes of Mr Robot will be the last couple I see, until next week!

Arrgh … !


Nik Nak’s Daily Teaser — 22-5-2017

Did you know there’s an election on in a few weeks?

You did … ?

Good gum drops … !

There’s an important deadline to mention at this point.

The deadline to register to vote.

The deadline for that runs out, tonight.

If you haven’t registered by midnight, tonight, you can’t vote on 8th June.

The link to the government site that lets you vote: is here.

And here … 

Well … ?

Don’t just sit there!


Now … 

Did anyone manage to catch this week’s episode of Dr Who?

That was rather good stuff!

Zombies monks, Forbidden Indexes, the Pope hanging around in a gay woman’s bedroom … ?

Where can you go wrong … ?